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What we’re really talking about is creating a home, not just a place to store your stuff. This means many details, great and small, have to come together. Why not start with professionals who understand your aesthetics, have multiple skills and can help you reach your goals?


An architecturally-trained agent is an excellent choice for representation in all real estate transactions.  At the end of the day, you have a greater assurance that you’ll be in the advisory care of a competent representative with fluent communication skills, the ability to think creatively, and the flexibility to overcome any unforeseen problems.

Advantage For Sellers

Maximize existing value with design updates and home staging as well as identifying potential value due to expansion and/or building modifications with both the interior and exterior construction.  All can be marketed with floor plans and 3-D renderings.

Advantage For Buyers

Mitigate risk by identifying design dexterity and create negotiating leverage with increased property knowledge.  Ability to create all possible changes and improvements in order to customize the home.   All can be visualized with floor plans and 3-D renderings.

Advantage For Developers

Discover and evaluate investment properties based on the existing real estate market, zoning requirements and financial return on acquisition costs.  All can be presented with accurate cash flow pro formas based on current construction costs and value added designs.


Seller’s Agent & Architect

Leaders in the industry, we are here to give you realistic and honest property evaluations.  Whether you are considering a home renovation, home purchase or home sale, its wise to know where and how you should spend your money.  We can help  you decide how much value your project will add to your property, letting you know  which investments are the smartest.  Our goal when you work with Park Avenue Realty is to empower you so that you can make your next design or construction decision with confidence



Buyer’s Agent & Architect

Use knowledge and experience to help navigate local market conditions.  Act as an advocate for the buyer during the entire home buying process.   Actively negotiate price and terms strictly on the behalf of the buyer.  Prepare necessary forms and written offers.  Assist in procuring property inspections, as well as provide advice regarding necessary improvements and repairs.  Consult with the buyer about financing options.  Attend the loan closing to help address any last-minute details and questions.  


Developer’s Agent & Architect

The most important point is that we’re not coming in at the end.  We begin the sales process from the absolute beginning.  From concept, through design and all the way until construction is complete.  
No other agent will know the house compilation better than us.  The history, reasoning, materials, construction methods, layouts, special features, appliances etc. will all be information that we know because we’re part of the design through all construction phases.  We help during the design and construction of the home to keep your cash outflows down.  We can then price the home based on cost, expectations, trends, and always create a demand so as to drive up the bids.  That has always been our method.  We do not like to list a price and then lower it.  We always want to create competition and receive more than asking.

Recent Projects


Monarch Park

For City of San Francisco


Divi HQ Office

For Divi Inc.

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