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An architect- agent can frame your home from the strongest possible foundation of its unique design and spatial offerings. These points are often incorrectly or inadequately marketed in real estate listings.


Mitigate Physical Risks

You want to minimize the risks as much as possible. An architect can offer an additional set of eyes on many issues that could result in unforeseen future costs. They will have a heightened awareness of potential construction deficiencies and will be able to identify future maintenance issues. They will also be able to provide insights and evaluation on the building site, topography, drainage, floodplain, and exposure issues. For the typical transaction, this safety net is available at no additional cost to the consumer beyond the regular commission structure offered to a conventional real estate agent.

Free Consultation

You will be walking through every step of a transaction with an architectural consultant at your fingertips. This can be an invaluable service in fielding questions and identifying potential issues with a property that you are considering. The national median retainer fee for a licensed architect was $116.10/hr in May 2014 (Bureau of Labor Statistics x 3 firm multiplier ( Over the course of a transaction, this dual- professionalism can add substantial value to the consumer.

Negotiation Leverage

Architects are familiar with the local building codes and the potential shortcomings of a property you are considering for purchase. This information can be used for direct leverage in negotiations that may result in a tangible reduction of the sales price. The more information that you know about a subject property, the more likely you will be to get the best deal.

Design Dexterity

An architect-agent is likely to approach the evaluation of your needs differently than most agents. Their fluency in the flexibility of design may allow them to find a better fit and offer alternative suggestions on programming, home size, and location if you are interested in exploring such ideas. In a tight or limited market, an architect can help clients evaluate more options that may not be the exact size or spatial configuration that you’re looking for. If the price is right and you need to update, reconfigure or expand, an architect can give you reliable and actionable advice to help you make a decision. This is especially useful when you are looking for strategies to add value to a piece of real estate.

Network Access

Architects are familiar with the local network of design and construction professionals. If you are considering significant improvements, an architect agent will be better informed on the positive and negative attributes of potential service providers.


You will be treated with respect. The architectural profession is founded on the needs of the client and celebrates team success- an architect knows that you are part of the team. It is wise to give the client as much information and control over the process as possible to make a good informed decision. Some real estate agents view themselves as the gatekeeper to your transaction, but this behavior can be counterproductive.

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