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An architect- agent can frame your home from the strongest possible foundation of its unique design and spatial offerings. These points are often incorrectly or inadequately marketed in real estate listings.


Accuracy and Appreciation

An architect- agent can frame your home from the strongest possible foundation of its unique design and spatial offerings. These points are often incorrectly or inadequately marketed in real estate listings.

Identify Contextual Value

An ancillary ability to see potential increase in value due to style, zoning, historic status, the ability to expand, and a strong knowledge of the local technical requirements that surround a piece of real estate.

Identify Immediate Potential

Preliminary evaluation of alternative uses and configurations that other buyers may value can be a huge selling point. An architect will be able to identify conversion opportunities and do so with greater certainty than the typical real estate agent. Architects also know that cyclical design trends can have a tremendous impact on aesthetic longevity and eventual resale value. Granite countertops are not always the best option.

Industry Perspective

An Architect can more easily step back to take an objective view of the construction industry. When architectural billings are down, it is likely that the real estate market will dip to offer some incredible pricing- this is a great time to buy. Architect-agents will also be able to take a broad view of the real estate industry itself. Some agents dislike Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, http://www.forsalebyowner.com/and even the real estate section of Craigslist because there is a perception that they have diluted their control over their marketplace. It is inarguable that these are critical sales tools that are viewed by a large cross section of the buyer marketplace and must be respected for their visibility and value. In 2014, 43% of homebuyers began their home selection process on the internet according to NAR.

Marketing skills

Marketing skills- most architects are trained specifically in the art of visual communicating the important aspects of a building which gives them an incredible leg up in the marketing department. Although the primary factor in determining the transaction timeline is cost, this can give a listing tangible momentum as every buyer can be allured by tasteful imagery while at the same time remaining confident that they can thoroughly prequalify the home. Architects have a high level of technological proficiency. Today’s market initiates, reviews and closes transactions digitally. While there are some holdouts, this is a critical skill that can be essential to the execution of a timely transaction. Don’t spend time window shopping or driving around signing contracts and amendments when you can do it at your leisure from home. Graphic design skills and hard copy marketing materials are also an important part of the sales process. A diverse range of well-designed advertising media can translate to higher sales proceeds. An architect can generate tasteful and elegant documentation of your home to help maximize the resale value- it’s all in the presentation. A marketing floor plan or additional documentation of the building may also be a consideration, usually for a small additional fee. Architectural training programs also promote a strong awareness of photograph quality which is the most informative and emotion-inspiring piece of information to communicate to buyers. In fact, many architects uphold a proficiency in photography themselves. Bad real estate agent photography is prevalent, and the following website is dedicated to the celebration of Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos. http://terriblerealestateagentphotos.com/ http://badmlsphotos.com/

Network Access

An architect will already have a working knowledge of the local design/ build network in case you need to get anything bid or completed prior to the sale.

Insights on local Development

Your marketing position will benefit from the architect’s awareness of the surrounding development environment. What projects are happening around the city that are primary drivers of appreciation? In my area, the website www.urbantonio.com. Is little known but a highly valuable resource frequented by architects and developers. This construction and development community is a diverse network of economically driven investors that can have a huge impact on the trajectory of property values.

Awareness of Local Code Environment

An architect will be sensitive to changes in the local regulatory environment that could promote or stagnate development in a given area. If the city is about to implement a development incentive plan in the area you are looking to sell, you damn sure want to advertise it.

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